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Tahoe Direct-Vent Fireplaces 

Tahoe Deluxe Fireplaces - Louvered & Clean-Face



Tahoe Deluxe 36 Direct-Vent Fireplace with, Aged Brick Liner,
Black Arch Louvers and Outer Frame in a Cherry Standard Mantel.

Tahoe Deluxe 36 Clean Face Direct-Vent
Fireplace in custom mantel with tile

Tahoe Premium Fireplaces


Tahoe Premium 42 Direct-Vent Fireplace shown
with Optional Herringbone Brick Liner
Premium Direct-Vent Fireplace with White Profile Mantel shown with Optional Herringbone Brick Liner, Hammered Pewter Outer Frame, Leaf Louvers, and Bottom Trim.

Tahoe Premium Clean-Face Traditional and Contemporary Fireplaces

Tahoe Premium Clean-Face Traditional Fireplace with Rustic Brick Liner installed in a Custom Mantel with Custom Surround
Tahoe Premium Clean-Face Traditional Fireplace with Aged Brick Liner Installed in a Custom Matnel with Custom Surround
Tahoe Premium Clean-Face Contemporary Fireplace with Black Porcelain Liner and Glass Meida and Rock Set, installed in a Custom Mantel with Custom Surround


Tahoe Clean Face Luxury Fireplace

Tahoe Luxury Fireplaces


Tahoe Luxury 42 Direct-Vent Fireplace shown with Banded Brick Liner
Luxury Direct-Vent Fireplace with Custom Mantelshelf and Slate Tile Surround



Studio Direct-Vent Fireplaces

Studio Luxury Direct-Vent Fireplace with Braided Arch Decorative Front and Marquis Arch Doors in Matte Black and Banded Brick Liner, White Profie Mantelshelf, and Custom Tile Surround
Studio Premium Direct-Vent Fireplace with Arts and Crafts Decorative Front in Copper Metallic, Stacked Limestone Brick Liner, Profile Mantelshelf in custom Cherry finish, and Custom Tile Surround

Studio Luxury Direct-Vent Fireplace with Braided Arch Decorative Front in Matte Black, Banded Brick Liner, White Profile Mantelshelf, and Custom Tile Surround.


Please buy from a local dealer. Empire will not warranty any direct-vent fireplace that is not installed by the selling dealer or that dealer's direct contract agents.

Glass Fireplace Safety Tips Video, Click Multimedia

Outer Frames and Bottom Trim

Matte Black (Shown on
Cherry Mantel)

Hammered Pewter (Shown
on Oak Mantel)
Stainless Steel (Shown on White Mantel)


Not all DV fireplaces can be installed in a mantel.  See fireplace owner's manual.  

Cherry Nutmeg Dark Oak Oak White

Unfinished Oak Unfinished Hardwood


Decorative Doors – include handles, screens, and hinges

Decorative Door Plain Rectangle
Decorative Door Mission Rectangle
Decorative Door Leaf Rectangle


Decorative Door Plain Arch
Decorative Door Mission Arch
Decorative Door Leaf Arch


Decorative Louvers

Decorative Louver Arch
Decorative Louver Leaf
Decorative Louver Mission



Control Options

FRBC Remote
FREC Electronic Remote
FRBTC Thermostat Remote
FRBTP Programmable Remote


FWS Wall Switch
TRW Wall Thermostat
TMV Wall Thermostat


Fireplace screens, available as options for all direct-vent systems

Decorative Fronts for Studio Direct-Vent Fireplace

Tiffany Arch Front
Braided Arch Front
Arts & Crafts Front


Decorative Doors for Studio Direct-Vent Fireplace – includes handles and hinges

Marquis Arch Doors (for use with Braided and Tiffany style faces)
Arts & Crafts Rectangle Doors (available for Arts & Crafts model only)


Finish Options – available for all clean facing accessories and doors

Matte Black
Hammered Pewter
Copper Metallic



Choose a Fireplace Liner


Aged Brick
Banded Brick
Stacked Limestone
Rustic Brick for Premium Clean-Face Black Porcelain for Premium Clean-Face
Deluxe Clean Face WMH DVCD32FP.dxf
Deluxe Clean Face WMH DVCD32FP.pdf
Deluxe Clean Face WMH DVCD36FP.dxf
Deluxe Clean Face WMH DVCD36FP.pdf
Deluxe Clean Face WMH DVCD42FP.dxf
Deluxe Clean Face WMH DVCD42FP.pdf
Deluxe Traditional WMH DVD32FP.dxf
Deluxe Traditional WMH DVD32FP.pdf
Deluxe Traditional WMH DVD36FP.dxf
Deluxe Traditional WMH DVD36FP.pdf
Deluxe Traditional WMH DVD42FP.dxf
Deluxe Traditional WMH DVD42FP.pdf
Deluxe Traditional WMH DVD48FP.dxf
Deluxe Traditional WMH DVD48FP.pdf
Loft DV Fireplace WMH DVL25FP.dxf
Loft DV Fireplace WMH DVL25FP.pdf
Loft DV Fireplace WMH DVL33FP.dxf
Loft DV Fireplace WMH DVL33FP.pdf
Luxury DV Studio WMH DVX36DP.dxf
Luxury DV Studio WMH DVX36DP.pdf
Luxury DV Studio WMH DVX42DP.dxf
Luxury DV Studio WMH DVX42DP.pdf
Luxury Traditional WMH DVX36FP.dxf
Luxury Traditional WMH DVX36FP.pdf
Luxury Traditional WMH DVX42FP.dxf
Luxury Traditional WMH DVX42FP.pdf
Premium DV Studio DVP42DP.dxf
Premium DV Studio WMH DVP36DP.dxf
Premium DV Studio WMH DVP36DP.pdf
Premium DV Studio WMH DVP42DP.pdf
Premium Traditional Clean Face WMH DVCP32.dxf
Premium Traditional Clean Face WMH DVCP32.pdf
Premium Traditional Clean Face WMH DVCP36.dxf
Premium Traditional Clean Face WMH DVCP36.pdf
Premium Traditional Clean Face WMH DVCP42.dxf
Premium Traditional Clean Face WMH DVCP42.pdf
Premium Traditional WMH DVP36FP.dxf
Premium Traditional WMH DVP36FP.pdf
Premium Traditional WMH DVP42FP.dxf
Premium Traditional WMH DVP42FP.pdf
Premium Traditional WMH DVP48FP.dxf
Premium Traditional WMH DVP48FP.pdf