Vented Gas Log Sets


Realistic Fire, No Messy Clean Up

A Vented Gas Log Set installs in a wood-burning fireplace to provide all the ambiance of a real wood fire, but without the work of hauling in logs, lighting the kindling, tending the fire, and hauling out the ash.  You simply light the fire when you want it and turn it off when you’re done.  Sand pan burners allow you to arrange the log set to suit your taste.  Choose a traditional match-light set – or one of our new Manual or Millivolt Systems for even greater operating ease.

Treehouse 11 Refractory Log Set on Sand Pan Burner


Options & Accessories


Embers, Rock and Sand included with all Double and See-Through Sand Pan Burners only

Advantage w Skyscraper-1

Skyscraper Accessory Refractory Logs (for use with Advantage Refractory Log Set only, as shown)




Vented Gas Log Set Videos

Kensington Forest Ceramic Fiber Log Set on Elite Radiant Vented Burner

Pioneer Refractory Log Set on Elite Radiant Vented Burner

Glass Fireplace Safety Tips

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