Nexfire Traditional Electric Fireplaces


Nexfire is a new line of contemporary and traditional electric fireplaces! Bring any room to life with the incredible life-like flames offered by Nexfire.

Select Nexfire’s traditional electric fireplace to add warmth to any room of your choice!


Options & Accessories

Choose to add the optional remote to conveniently control the fireplace.

Optional black glass door adds an extra element to the Nexfire traditional electric fireplace.

Remote Control


Optional Remote Control

Decorative Door

Black Glass Door


Nexfire Traditional 39-inch (EF39)

Nexfire 39-inch traditional electric fireplace bring any room to life with it's incredibly lifelike electric flame.

The pulsating embers and LED inner glow logs, molded from wood logs, create a stunning realism that will be the focal point of any room.

Conveniently control the fireplace with the option remote control or at the fireplace itself.

Options & Accessories


Optional Remote Control


Black Glass Door